4E 201, 3rd of Heartfire

Since the last time I have written many things have begun to take shape. It seems I have a knack for getting myself into matters that should not involve me in the first place. My misgivings must be put on hold for now because with many of these things I am involved with, there are innocent lives at stake. When I first visited High Hrothgar, I do not know what I expected, but it certainly was not the deepening sense of dread I feel in my heart. With every step I take forward in this quest as the Dragonborn, there seem to be more elements coming together.

When I went to Ustengrav, the final resting place of Jurgen Windcaller, I could not have guessed that someone would have beaten me to his horn. I entered his burial chamber and found only a note telling me to meet this mystery person in Riverwood at the Sleeping Giant Inn. I asked for the attic room like the note said, but the Innkeeper, Delphine, told me there was no attic room. I reluctantly took the next room she offered, but she followed me in and revealed herself as the one who took the horn. I could have clobbered her right there, but she lead me to a secret room where she explained what was going on. She is a member of a group of people who slayed dragons lead by whatever dragonborn was around at the time. She said they had been searching for someone like me for a long time. Are there really more people out there like her, waiting for me to lead the charge into battle? Is this even something I feel ready to tackle head on?

Delphine recaptured my attention when she told me dragons were not just coming back, but that they were coming back to life. On top of that since she had the Dragonstone, (yes, she was the woman with Farengar when I returned with the Dragonstone), she knew where all of the ancient burial mounds were and which one would be brought back next. We practically sprinted all the way from Riverwood to Kynesgrove, just outside of Windhelm. By the time we got there, it was already happening. The same black dragon from Helgen was there circling overhead until at last he spoke a few words and the full skeleton of a completely different dragon emerged from the burial mound. Right before me, the flesh and sinew came together to make this beast fully alive again for the first time probably in thousands of years.

The big black dragon wheeled off, presumably to the next burial mound, so Delphine and I were tasked with bringing down this recently resurrected dragon. This dragon was different because instead of fire bursting from his gaping maw, it was a shocking icy blast. We were chilled right to the bone, but we persisted and finally managed to fell the terrible beast. Delphine looked on in amazement when I absorbed the dragon’s soul; it was as if the scales fell from her eyes and she could finally see me for what I was. She admitted that she had no earthly idea where these dragons were coming from or who was responsible, but her suspicion is with the Thalmor. The Thalmor are a group of High Elves whose job is to make sure Skyrim stays in line with the Empire and the Aldmeri Dominion. In other words, they make the rules and enforce them, whether we like it or not. Delphine believes that if we can break into the Thalmor Embassy near Solitude, we could find some answers.

While Delphine searches for a way to get into the Embassy, I have been keeping myself busy. I finally returned the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller to the Greybeards and was officially welcomed into High Hrothgar as the Dragonborn. Then I traveled to stronghold near Riften, to speak with the leader of the Dawnguard. The Dawnguard are a group of Vampire killers, and they need all the help they can get. I have been tasked with finding out why a group of vampires attacked the Hall of the Vigilants,  hunters of all things supernatural, and discovering their end goal. It seems that they are looking for something in a place called Dimhollow Crypt. As foreboding as that name sounds, I will accomplish this task.

I hope to find peace in the midst of all these troubles soon. I will rest tonight in Whiterun with my husband and child to set my mind at ease before setting out tomorrow.

4E 201, 30 Last Seed

Life has been a whirlwind since the dragon attack at Helgen. I have gone from being a criminal on the headsman’s block to Harbinger of the Companions, and now a slayer of dragons, Thane of Whiterun, and wife just to name a few. These opportunities I have found before me seem undeserved, but it may be for reasons that I cannot yet comprehend. The strangest set of events have been those which led me to High Hrothgar where the Grey Beards practice the Way of the Voice.

It began when I retrieved the Dragonstone from Bleak Falls Barrow. It seems that in the throws of the quests with the Companions, I forgot my words to Jarl Balgruuf; that I would find and bring forth the Dragonstone in order that Farengar might uncover some of the mysteries of the recent dragon attack. I found the Golden Claw while inside and used it to unlock the final chamber, where a Draugr Overlord waited or me. Fortunately I made short work of that dead walker. I returned with the Dragonstone expecting some form of praise for my effort but I learned of a dragon attacking the western watchtower near Whiterun and my deed went unnoticed. Since I had the only shred of experience with dragons, I was recruited to help Irileth, the Jarl’s housecarl, put it down.

The ruin we found when we reached the tower brought back painful memories of Helgen. Of all the people writhing on the ground, their burned flesh and plumes of smoke from the fires filling my nostrils. Of the screams of fear. I knew I had no choice other than to destroy this dragon and make Skyrim that much safer. We brought the beast down with almost all of the arrows we carried, but when I delivered the finishing blow with my greatsword a rush of knowledge and power left him and came to me. Suddenly, I could shout, like Tiber Septim hundreds of  years ago. When I returned to Whiterun, the earth shook under my feet, and I heard the sound of voices shouting on the wind. Jarl Balgruuf told me it was the summons of the Greybeards for the Dragonborn. Me. A Dragonborn!

After naming me Thane of Whiterun and appointing Lydia as my housecarl, Balgruuf urged me to go straight to the Greybeards. Lydia and I headed up to the Throat of the World, the mountaintop where the Greybeards awaited me. I encountered my first troll on the way, but Lydia helped me bring it down after some struggle. The Greybeards were waiting or me when I arrived and they spent no time on ceremony. They taught me more of the Unrelenting Force shout which I learned a part of when I apparently absorbed the soul of that first dragon. Then, they taught me part of another one, which gave me unbelievable speed. I was tasked with retrieving the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller, which I accepted in spite of feeling a little put out by the request. Eventually I need to say no when someone asks me to do something here.

In stead of going out right away and getting the horn, I went to Riften, where I had heard I could get an Amulet of Mara. The purpose of this amulet is to let other single people in Skyrim know that you are also available and ready for marriage. I could not keep my feelings for Farkas to myself any longer, but I was a bit apprehensive since I did not know how he would react to seeing the amulet. To make the match seem more enticing I also bought a home in Whiterun, Breezehome. It is a bit small, but I’m sure there will be ample opportunity to acquire a larger home later.

With all the courage I could muster, I entered Jorrvaskr and approached Farkas. I thought my heart would leap up into my throat or my legs would give out, but I stayed steady outwardly. He looked up at me, and when he saw the amulet, he smiled. Not the kind of mocking smile that leaves a sinking feeling in your stomach. No. This was pure joy. “Is that an Amulet of Mara?” he asked, already knowing the answer. I had to breathe deeply to steady myself. “Interested in me, are you?” I replied, a grin tugging at the corners of my lips. Without hesitating he replied,”I won’t lie, I am. And you?” “I won’t lie, I am.” Not my best response, but by Talos, it worked!

I made the trip back to Riften to arrange the wedding at the Temple of Mara the very next day. Marmal, the one from whom I acquired the amulet, seemed almost as excited as I was. The following day was our wedding day from dawn until dusk. We thought it would be fitting to wear our best armor for the ceremony seeing as it is what we are most comfortable in. I was surprised at how many people there were to support us in this new step forward. Vilkas was not there, but I believe he had some blood suckers to deal with.

The day after the wedding I met a girl, Lucia, in Whiterun. She was sitting on a bench beneath the Gildergreen tree outside the Temple of Kynareth. I remembered seeing her sitting there many times before, but I never saw any elders with her. I stopped to talk with her and learned that her mother had died, and her aunt and uncle kicked her out of the house. My heart ached for this child who had already seen so much pain at such a tender age, even for Skyrim. I offered to take her in since we already had room for her at Breezehome. Farkas welcomed her into our home with outstretched arms and immediately took to calling her daughter. I thought my heart would burst for being so full of joy.

In the midst of all of this happiness a final troubling matter is on my mind as I write this tonight. Earlier today, I was confronted by a pair of oddly dressed women claiming to work for someone named Miraak. They told me that he was the true Dragonborn, and attacked me right there inside the gates of Whiterun. They came here from Solstheim, an island north-east of Skyrim, on a ship named the Northern Maiden. I need to find this ship and travel to Solstheim to unravel this mystery, and keep my family safe. Who is Miraak, and why did the Greybeards not mention this person as being Dragonborn as well?

If I continue dwelling on this tonight I will not get any sleep, so I will try to leave it for now. Maybe tomorrow answers will come.

4E 201, 26 Last Seed

It has been a matter of days since I found myself in Whiterun for the first time, and so much has already changed. When I met with Kodlak to discuss joining the Companions, I must admit, I was a bit skeptical. Every doubt I had was erased by Kodlak. He looked into my eyes, my soul, and saw my worth. It did not matter to him that nobody knew my name when I arrived. He looked at my heart and liked what he saw. I already feel kinship with Kodlak, like what I had with my father, which makes this new step seem right.

When I proved myself more than capable in combat against Vilkas, (Farkas’ twin brother), I was given his sword to deliver to Eorlund Gray Mane. He helped me realize that there is no one who is completely in charge of the Companions. We are a family. He asked me to return Aela’s shield to her since his wife was in mourning, so I obliged. I still do not understand why people all of a sudden need my help with everything, but I do not mind being helpful if it is not entirely inconvenient. Aela appreciated getting her shield back and approved of my joining the Companions. She is an intimidating woman, but I think we could be fast friends.

Skjor had Farkas show me to the sleeping quarter and immediately after that Farkas had a job for me. Halted Stream Camp was overrun with bandits, whom I dispatched quickly. They had a massive poaching operation there, so I took a few mammoth tusks off their hands as well. As soon as I returned I discovered that Skjor was looking for me, and it seemed important, so I decided to wake him in order to find out what it was that he wanted. It turns out there was a fragment of Wuuthrad, the blade of Ysgramor. Ysgramor is one of the most legendary heroes of men and the original leader of the Companions thousands of years ago if I understand correctly. My task was to retrieve this fragment with Farkas as my Shield-Brother. I cannot deny that my heart beat a little faster when we set off together.

Something incredible happened while we were searching for the fragment in Dustman’s Cairn. We were ambushed by a group of people who called themselves the Silver Hand. I thought for sure they would dispatch Farkas quickly, but he transformed into a werewolf! He fought them off easily, but he was more concerned that he had scared me. I can honestly say I was too amazed to feel real fear. I even hoped to gain such fearsome power for myself one day. Shortly after that we found the fragment and cut down the seemingly endless horde of Draugr, setting in stone my place among the Companions.

When we returned they held a ceremony of sorts to induct me formally into the Companions. I could not help grinning like a child as Farkas stood witness to my valor and swore to stand at my back through whatever trial lay ahead. When he was finished I caught his gaze and he held it. Leave it to a man to make my knees weak when I have faced far greater foes with firm resolve!

Skjor approached me and requested that I meet him at the Underforge, just below the Skyforge. When I arrived I was given the option to become a werewolf myself and join the Circle, (the closest thing to leaders the Companions have), and I agreed with my whole heart. In the back of my mind I could not help thinking that things were moving too quickly, but life in Skyrim is short, so why not take these opportunities as they come? Aela’s beast blood was the catalyst for my transformation and as soon as I awoke from the sleep caused by the hard change, we attacked a Silver Hand stronghold. Skjor went in before us, and we found him too late. He was dead. This was the first death I experienced first hand since my parents were killed all those years ago. It hit me hard.

In our rage we took it upon ourselves to exact revenge on the Silver Hand, so for the next two days we sought out their remaining strongholds and slaughtered them as they had slaughtered Skjor. In the midst of this I was able to find another fragment of Wuuthrad, and steal documents detailing the Silver Hands’ plans.

Kodlak heard of our work and asked to speak with me alone. While he did not approve of our retaliation, he understood. I felt as though I had let him down; it was a horrible feeling. He then told the tale of how the Companions came to bear the blood of the werewolf as a result of a pact made with the witches of the Glenmoril Coven. They were deceived into believing that the Beast Blood would only ever be a good thing. When they learned their souls were marked for the Daedric Prince Hircine’s hunting grounds and not Sovngarde, the scales fell from their eyes and they saw the truth, but their hands were tied. Now Kodlak believes that if we wipe out the Glenmoril Witches we can begin to set right all that they have wronged.

At his behest I went forth to Glenmoril and brought a swift end to their devilry. When I arrived in triumph to Jorrvaskr, the joy I felt was stolen away in an instant. While I was off accomplishing the task he had set before me, the Silver Hand attacked Jorrvaskr…and killed Kodlak. When I stood by his side, I did not feel as though it was me looking down at his lifeless body, but more like I was hovering over the scene, a distant stranger staring at something they did not understand. I was brought back down by Vilkas when he urged me to accompany him in bringing ruin to the Silver Hand as payment for this inconsolable deed. I know Kodlak would not approve of this action, but there is no other way for this to end. Each Silver Hand I cut down had the same look of fear in their eyes, and it still was not enough. It will never be enough after such a precious thing was torn away.

The funeral was no easier than seeing him the first time. I wanted to be comforted, but more than that, I wanted to know that Kodlak could still be received at the Hall of Valor in Sovngarde. When I joined the Circle to discuss this matter, Eorlund arrived with Wuuthrad, which he was able to return to its former glory. With it, we marched forth to the Tomb of Ysgramor near Winterhold, where the souls of all of the Harbingers of the Companions are interred. We found Kodlak’s Spirit in the very hall where Ysgramor’s body lay, warming himself while hiding from Hircine with other Harbingers. When Aela and I slayed his Beast Spirit, we freed him from the chains that Hircine had on his soul. Before he left, Kodlak named me his successor as Harbinger of the Companions, and just like that, he was gone.

It has been such a short time, and to tell true I do not feel worthy of this role. In spite of my misgivings, I will take up this mantle that Kodlak passed to me with honor. In this spirit, I am looking forward to whatever adventures are sure to come with a fire in my heart, and my eyes fixed on glory.

4E 201, 17 Last Seed

It is difficult to know where to begin.

I woke this morning in the back of a cart alongside Ulfric Stormcloak, the Jarl of Windhelm, with no memory of how I came to be there. Some Imperial must have landed a heavy blow to my head, which explains the loss of memory and the blood matted in my hair. The headsman was about to dispatch me to whatever god it is that my parents believed in, when a vast shadow passed overhead. When the beast landed, it was revealed to be a massive black dragon. I do not know where it came from, but that seemed to have been a stroke of luck. In the confusion I was able to escape with the help of Hadvar, an Imperial soldier. He seemed nice enough aside from his awkward commentary. He connected me with his Uncle, who requested that I alert Jarl Balgruuf in Whiterun of the dragon attack and send additional troops to protect Riverwood. I do not mind doing this thing for the villagers, it just seems a bit odd that they would trust an utter stranger with their lives.

On my way to Whiterun, I came across a trio taking down a giant at a farm. The fire haired woman spoke to me of the Companions, a group of warriors for hire. There was a man with her. Farkas. I would like to get to know him better. Another woman there was, but I did not care to ask her name. I intend to visit Jorrvaskr tomorrow morning to speak with the Harbinger of the Companions, Kodlak Whitemane.

I reached Whiterun shortly after meeting the Companions. The Jarl asked a favor of me almost immediately. His court wizard Farengar needs someone with a backbone to retrieve an “Ancient stone tablet that may or may not exist.” I am getting the sneaking suspicion this will become a regular occurrence.

For tonight, I will rest my head at the Bannered Mare. Tomorrow is a new day.

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